HP TouchPad Owners Get WebOS Update

HP may have taken a while to actually deliver the TouchPad tablet, but it looks like its software updates did not let themselves be waited on too long, the OS itself having just gone through a revision.

The HP TouchPad tablet is one of those non-iPad slates out there that are actually selling instead of being saved for later.

The product comes with its advantages and disadvantages, but at least some of the flaws in the software have been addressed in the latest update.

Indeed, HP just tweeted that it has begun rolling out its update for the webOS operating system that the TouchPad runs.

More specifically, Richard Kerris, GP head of developer relations, said that it was in the pipeline and begun reaching owners this morning.

Unfortunately, while the company might provide some actual details sooner or later, the tweet was, as expected, remarkably poor in exact information.

Of course, considering that early reviews found their share of underwhelming elements in the tablet's software, one can assume at least some of them have been addressed.

For those that want a quick reminder, the HP TouchPad was found to possess some deficiencies in regards to web browsing, e-mail rendering, messaging, device rotation, auto-correction and video performance.

Either way, whether HP steps forward to provide an official notice or not, the update will surely come with a change log, so users won't have to wait long before learning exactly what issues were solved and, if applicable, what new assets the update brought.

What remains is to see how much this works towards encouraging those prospective buyers that are more cautious to take a shot at the slate.

While owners will not have a reason to do anything but welcome the update, unless something ends up broken, those that aren't sure about buying their own might finally make a decision.

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