HP TouchPad Goes White in Europe, Still Officially Abandoned

WebOS-loaded device is stronger than the base model

One would expect a supposedly dead project to stay dead, but whether it is acting from beyond the grave or come back in zombie form, the HP TouchPad is, if anything, evolving instead of fading into obscurity.

The story of the HP TouchPad is, for lack of a better term, utterly peculiar in its contradictory nature.

Originally, it was supposed to be HP's special means of carving a slice of the slate segment, where Apple's iOS and Google's Android are having it out even now.

Whether because of underwhelming sales of just the company CEO's plans for reorganization, however, the item was sacked within weeks of release.

In fact, the entire webOS division got a nasty surprise, as all webOS projects, including smartphones, were dropped.

The fact that the TouchPad started to sell like warm bread almost as soon as this happened was the first sign that things were taking a turn for the weird (it sold better in death than in life after all).

The fact that a new TouchPad model has now surfaced in Europe, and was even caught on video, is the latest sign that the TouchPad doesn't much agree with the idea of death.

Even further, the way the slate has a different color on the back isn't even the only distinctive feature.

Indeed, the item has a storage capacity of 64 GB (the previous one was in either 16 GB or 32 GB) and, with the 1.5 GHz CPU, it definitely has a full set of perks in the attractiveness factor.

The folks over at Engadget are the ones who got close and personal with the item, as well as the black TouchPad 4G for AT&T, the Pre 3 4G for AT&T, and a Veer 4G.

Unfortunately, they did not get to test out the software, though there is no reason to assume the TouchPad will run any differently than before. Unfortunately, sales aren't up yet, and neither has the price been revealed.

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