HP Envy Notebook Line Updated with 3D Motion Control Features

The new release is the exact same laptop as the Envy 17 TouchSmart

As part of a grand unveiling today, HP exposes the Leap Motion-enabled Envy 17 notebook. The new HP baby thus becomes the first in the world to sport a technology that allows 3D motion control.

That basically means you'll be able to control whatever goes on with your notebook, without having to touch the display or use the mouse. Theoretically, you just have to move your hands around.

The Envy 17 embedded sensor proves to be 70% smaller than the standalone version which Leap Motion also put out. It is positioned in the right part of the touch pads, thus allowing for manipulation of 3D objects.

Leap Motion Co-founder and CEO Michael Buckwald tipped users saying that to get optimal results they should use the sensor with applications like Google Earth or when trying to manage 3D objects.

If the innovative sensor isn't enough to attract your attention on HP's new offering, here’s what else you can get. Just like its name says, the Envy 17 sports a 17-inch Full HD display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. Under the hood there's an Intel 4th Core with Nvidia dedicated graphics.

Since HP partnered up with Leap Motion to bring forth this device, the Envy offers access to the Leap Motion app store, Airspace and a host of Leap Motion friendly games.

Cost-wise, the Envy 17 notebook will ship for $1,049 / €774. Those interested can start pre-ordering beginning with October 16.

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