HP Might Sell Autonomy, After Fraud Scandal

The company sounds like it wants to be completely done with that disaster

Autonomy has caused HP a lot of grief, or perhaps it is more accurate to say HP caused itself a lot of grief not only by buying it for an absurd amount of money, but also by finding out it has reason to believe Autonomy committed accounting fraud prior to the buyout.

The Department of Justice is currently investigating those claims, but regardless of the outcome, HP wants to completely cut itself off from the problem.

According to InformationWeek, or rather The Wall Street Journal, there are parties interested in buying Autonomy from HP.

HP also said, recently, that it was considering how to get rid of unwanted businesses, which could be another reason for the sudden interest.

Selling Autonomy would be easier than spinning it off after all. Less money involved. Also, less paperwork.

EDS, another HP-owned business, is reportedly being courted as well.

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