HP Makes Almost $30 Billion in First Quarter of FY 2013

The world's top PC maker still suffered a drop year-over-year

By on February 22nd, 2013 15:32 GMT

One would think that revenues of $28.4 billion / 21.48 billion Euro would be some kind of record, but it seems the sum is almost a disappointment to HP.

True, the company did have worse quarters, but the sum, registered during the first fiscal quarter of 2013 (ended on January 31, 2013) was actually a disappointment.

More specifically, revenue was down 6%, and while that does not sound so bad, the profit situation is worse.

HP made $1.2 billion, which means around 910 million Euro according to exchange rates. That's 16% less than last year.

Printing, enterprise, services, software and, of course, PCs, all took a hit. A number of “new programs and disruptive innovations” planned for the coming quarters will supposedly make up for all this apparent bleakness, according to CEO Meg Whitman. More coverage here.