CES 2013: HP Launches a Bunch of New Monitors

The USB-connected display is just the oddball in the group

HP has a very large booth at CES 2013, in Las Vegas, Nevada, which means that it didn't have to exclude any products form its exhibition. Case in point, the range of displays being exhibited is very large.

We've already written about the U160 USB monitor, so now we can examine the “normal” monitors, with display sizes of 20 to 27 inches.

The Pavilion line, made with affordability in mind, uses IPS panels. The new additions to the series are Pavilion 20xi, 22xi, 23xi, 25xi and 27xi.

The product names are indicative of their screen sizes. Other than that, they are more or less identical, save for the 20-inch model that doesn't quite make it to Full HD quality (1600 x 900 pixels resolution rather than 1920 x 1080 pixels).

HP will start selling the monitors in a few weeks, for $130 / 130 Euro to $340 / 340 Euro.

The second collection of monitors that HP has brought to the Consumer Electronics Show is the ProDisplay P line.

The four new additions are called ProDisplay P191, P201, P201m and P22, measuring 18.5 to 21 inches (the two middle displays measure 20 inches).

Priced at $129 / 129 Euro or $179 / 179 Euro, they have a contrast ratio of 1,000:1, 90-degree stand rotation, brightness of 250 units and native resolutions of 1366 x 768 pixels (for P191) and 1600 x 900 Pixels (P201/P201m). The P221 is the only one with Full HD resolution.

That leaves the Envy 27, the high-end model with a price of $499 / 499 Euro. Like the Pavilions, it uses an IPS display of 1080p.

It has built-in Beats Audio speakers, VGA/DisplayPort and HDMi video inputs, a 3.5mm headphone jack and optical digital input (wireless bookshelf speakers can be linked to the monitor because of it).

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