HP Is Back On Top – Number 1 PC Maker

The Carly Fiorina disaster is definitely over for HP

Analyst firm Canalys has recently published its study of the current PC market, on its official website. According the company, HP has regained the top spot on the client PC market.

Remember those days when HP decided to buy Compaq and practically destroy every successful line of products that Compaq had? At the time, HP was managed by a very troubled mind with quite an unsuccessful strategy. The HP disaster has a name and that is Carly Fiorina.

Back in 2000, Compaq had 12.8 percent of the PC market and was on the first place. DELL was second with 10.8 percent and HP was a distant third with 7.6 percent.

HP and Compaq decided to merge under the guidance and management of Carly Fiorina. But the guidance seems to have been disastrously chaotic since three years later DELL ruled the market with 15 percent while HP-Compaq was struggling at 14.3 percent instead of the normal 18.4 percent they should have had, considering the situation they were in prior to the merger.

Practically, despite the fact that HP and Compaq were almost twice the size of DELL, after the merger DELL was bigger than the two companies combined.

The next step for the “visionary” intellectuals with something to say in the European Union was to propose Carly Fiorina as Head of Economic Development Department at the European Commission.

In the last years, HP seems to be a completely changed company. Even if Apple managed to outplace HP in the Q4 of 2011 by selling over 15 million iPads, HP bounced back in this quarter and shipped 15.84 million units. That’s just 40,000 more than Apple, but enough to take the lead.

Lenovo managed a 50% year-on-year growth and reached the top 3 by surpassing Acer and DELL.

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