HP Expects to Sell Over 4 Million Notebooks a Month

Now that all the IT companies are getting ready for the holiday shopping season, HP seems to be quite optimistic when it comes to its expected amounts of sales, not just for December but as far as November goes as well.

As end-users probably know, HP is the world's greatest supplier of personal computers, its shipments always surpassing those of rivals Dell, Acer, Toshiba and others.

Consumers will also likely be aware of the fact that the market for mobile computers has been rising in profile lately.

Not only have notebook sales grown, but netbooks have also gained a large share and the newly-established tablet segments is showing what many see as great promise.

Now, a report made by Digitmes offered some information in regards to HP's expectations as far as its notebook segment goes.

Basically, the company intends to ship more than 4 million notebooks not just during the ongoing month of November, but over the course of December as well.

This goal will supposedly be accomplished thanks to how supply in western countries is stronger than originally anticipated, due to the rapidly approaching Christmas.

So far, HP seems to have done best, as far as notebook sales go at least, in Latin America, with Europe and Asia Pacific on second and third places, respectively.

Asia Pacific sales were supposedly impaired by so-called quality issues, although the market share seems to be recovering, or so the report states.

Of course, if HP does perform as well as it hopes, its upstream suppliers, such as Quanta Computer and Foxconn Electronics, will experience shipment growth of their own.

Quanta might go as high as 4.7-4.8 million notebooks in November, though it did not say how many of those would be HP models.

As for Foxconn, it wagers on 1.7-2 million HP notebooks, which is more than half of the roughly 3 million total it has planned.

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