HP, Dell, Acer and Others Abandoning Tablets

We aren't so sure about that but rumors are rumors

One would think that, after investing so much time, money and effort into them, PC makers would keep pushing tablets forward, but at least a few people in the field think otherwise.

As outlandish as it might sound, it is reported that HP, Dell, Acer and ASUS are going to gradually lessen their presence in the media slate area until they back out completely in 2012.

The main reason behind this assumption is that the $500 mark no longer works, not with $200 slates around.

Also, even though the Apple iPad 2 sold like there was no tomorrow, it didn't sell as well as the original iPad, suggesting that market saturation is already near and the initial enthusiasm largely faded.

Obviously, you should take this with a big chunk of salt, not just a grain, especially since NVIDIA just released Kal-El.

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