HP Chromebook 11 Comes Back to Google Play Store, in Canada but Not US

The model with redesigned charger has also returned to Amazon

We previously reported the HP Chromebook 11 has been dealing with some issues concerning a charger that tends to get overheated.

After a number of users complained about the issue, HP and Google saw it fit to remove the device from retail shelves at BestBuy but everywhere else online, too.

In the meanwhile, Google and HP haven’t been sleeping it off but have re-designed and improved the charger (and applied the Chrome branding on it), so it was expected that everything will go back to normal.

The two companies tried making amends with users and started shipping them replacement chargers, complete with some Google Play store credit and an apology letter where the Chromebook development team apologized for the inconvenience and swore something like this would never happen again.

Soon after, the HP Chromebook 11 made a comeback on Amazon in late December, selling for the same price as before, meaning $279 / €203.

The only caveat was only the white/blue variant of the Chrome enhanced lappy was available for order in the online store.

Nevertheless, the HP Chromebook 11 remained a no-shower in the US Google Play Store and maintains the “Coming Soon” tag to this day.

However, the device has made a come-back in the Canadian Google Play Store and is currently selling for CAD$299 / $272 / €200, so we expect it to arrive in the US version of the store pretty soon, as well.

The good news is that Canadian customers can choose any coloring versions they prefer, from all black, to white with blue, red, yellow or green accents.

Apart from that, the laptop remains the nice light-weight Chromebook we knew before. The device has an 11.6-inch IPS display with a 176-degree viewing angle and draws power from a dual-core Exynos 5250 processor to keep things pumped.

Unlike other Chromebook models, the HP laptop has microUSB port for charging, so external battery packs can be used to bring back the life to the product.


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