HP Actually Lets Windows 8 Users Downgrade to Windows 7

The company clarifies the Windows 8 to previous Windows downgrades policy

A few days ago, it has emerged that HP wouldn’t allow those who purchase a new Windows 8 computer to switch back to a previous Windows version, but the company comes back to clarify the entire downgrading policy.

HP told ZDNet that Windows 8 computers would still be protected by warranty in case the user decides to move to an older Windows version or even Linux, but the company won’t provide any driver for the installed operating system.

This means that once you downgrade or deploy any other operating system beside Windows 8, you’re on your own. There are plenty of drivers out there on the Internet, but those delivered by HP are obviously the ones you’re recommended to install.

“Yes, customers can downgrade to Windows 7, but Microsoft has different terms regarding users’ downgrade rights and paths. HP recommends customers check with Microsoft for the terms governing their specific operating system edition,” HP reps explained.

“Customers who are able to and choose to downgrade their HP Windows-8 compatible products to Windows 7 will remain protected by HP product warranties.”

So what happens if you install an older operating system and your HP computer breaks down? Well, in order to receive HP support, you have no other option than to re-install the default operating system, which is obviously the brand new Windows 8.

In some cases, installing this OS is impossible due to the technical damage, so you can very well lose your warranty, simply because you deployed another operating system.

“HP has not tested all Windows 8 platforms for Windows 7 and we may not have your particular drivers available. If you choose to install a different operating system (OS) and have a problem that requires HP support, you may need to restore the original OS to fully diagnose your problem. Please check with HP Customer Care for questions related to your specific product,” HP explained.

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