HIS Gives HD 5770 the IceQ Treatment

Price and availability still unknown

The past few days have definitely been busy for graphics card makers since AMD formally debuted its ATI Radeon DH 5830 graphics card. Among the many releases of HD 5830 custom versions, however, a few different cards managed to squeeze through. One of them is the HIS HD 5770 IceQ 5, which has a complex cooling mechanism and a long PCB while maintaining reference clocks.

The HIS HD 5770 IceQ 5 comes several months after the company gave its HD 5750 the same treatment. The IceQ are generally known for having a higher cooling performance than stock models, allowing GPUs to run at lower temperatures, thus increasing stability and lifespan. As such, HIS is able to also offer a Turbo variant of the adapter, with overclocked GPU and memory

Compared to the HD 5750 IceQ, the HD 5770 IceQ 5 has a longer PCB and its actual cooler is more complex, with 8mm heatpipes, similar to those used for HD 4870-based models. As for specs, the card has the graphics processing unit running at 850 MHz and the 1GB GDDR5 memory operating at a speed of 4.8Gbps. The memory interface is of 128 bits and the card also has 800 stream processors. As for the turbo version, the GPU runs at 875 MHz and the memory at 5Gps. Other than that, the specifications are the same.

The cards are equipped, for video output, with a DisplayPort connector, an HDMI connector and dual DVI. Also, in order to function, they will require a power supply of at least 450W with one 75W 6-pin PCI Express power connector. Of course, the cards support CrossFireX, in which case a 600W PSU is needed, with two 6-pin connectors. Both models use the PCI Express x16 interface.

Unfortunately, HIS did not make further information available on its products' prices or availability.

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