HD-TV Prices Are Going Down

Good news for HD fans from screen makers

It seems that HD-TV prices are indeed going down. And that can be considered good news since HD content prices are still very prohibitive especially when you’re buying the full package (I mean HD-TV + Blu-Ray/HD-DVD player). If you add a multichannel decoder/amplifier, a set of 7.1 quality speakers and optionally, a satellite dish with HD capabilities, the setup can cost you as much as $7,000. And that’s definitely not good.

As I’ve said before, the recent development of the LCD sector has produced some terrible fights between large plasmas and LCDs. Generally, plasmas have better picture but possess less versatility than LCDs. Combined with the fact that large LCDs have entered the market with lower prices than their plasma counterparts, you can understand why they are gaining on sales. And now, they’re going cheaper than ever. Of course, so is plasma.

50-inch plasma televisions from Toshiba and HP can be purchased for less than $2,000. Sony's entry-level, 50-inch LCD, is being sold for $1,348 while Samsung's 50-inch Digital Light Processor (DLP) sells for only $1,135. All things being considered, the price for large screens has dropped 9% in the last 3 months. And there’s no stop sign in sight. At least for now...

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