H&M Debuts Global Garment Recycling Program

Customers can now donate whatever clothes they no longer want, help promote recycling

On February 20, H&M officially launched its latest green-oriented campaign: a global recycling program whose sole purpose is that of improving on the ecological footprint of the fashion industry.

The idea behind their campaign is pretty straightforward: those wishing to get involved in helping out conservation and sustainability efforts need only raid their closets for whatever clothes they no longer plan on wearing, shove them inside a bag and take them to the nearest H&M store.

Interestingly enough, H&M does not really care whether or not these clothing items display its label. Thus, the company's goal is that of collecting as many clothes as possible, regardless of their brand.

In order to help encourage people to get involved in this recycling program, the company promises that, for each and every bag of recyclable clothes brought to its stores, customers will get a voucher for 15% off their next purchased item.

Look to the Stars quotes H&M spokesperson Marybeth Schmitt, who commented on the company's rolling out this green-oriented project as follows:

“H&M is investing in this ground-breaking clothing recycling program and we are proud to partner with Global Green USA to launch this initiative.”

“We believe this program will really make an impact in reducing the amount of clothing that ends up in landfills all over the world and we are excited that, at the same time, we will raise funds for Global Green USA to continue their great work,” Marybeth Schmitt went on to add.

H&M's global garment recycling program was launched during Global Green’s 10th annual Pre-Oscar party, the same source informs us.

Celebrities such as Sophia Bush, Emmy Rossum, Orlando Bloom, Willie Nelson, Miranda Kerr and Helen Hunt also took part in this event and offered their support to this initiative.

“For many years Global Green has been setting a shining example of what it means to be a conscientious consumer and citizen.”

“To have H&M joining us in this fight, and helping to remind the world that chic and sustainable are in fact one-in-the-same, is such an exciting development! What an amazing opportunity we all have to be better to our ecosystems and communities every day,” stated actress Sophia Bush.

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