Gwyneth Paltrow Feared Cheating Rumors Would Be Revealed Before She Announced the Split

The actress decided to go public before the media found out

Gwyneth Paltrow launched a preemptive strike on the media when she revealed the news of her split from Chris Martin, as it's now revealed that wind had gotten round and several publications were collecting evidence to expose the divorce, as well as some infidelities that had occurred.

The New York Daily News is claiming that it had gotten the information somehow and was getting ready to come out, but Paltrow wasn't prepared at the time to make the announcement and was worried about her children finding out.

Another thing she worried about was the fact that some of the indiscretions that had been going on in the Martin-Paltrow household were going to be exposed to the public.

A source close to the couple reveals, “It had been an open relationship for quite some time. I expected this was going to happen, it was just a matter of when. They were just very different people.”

The Coldplay singer was rumored to be getting frisky with Kate Bosworth, while Paltrow grew significantly close to entertainment lawyer Kevin Yorn, as well as Elle Macpherson's billionaire husband, Jeffrey Soffer. All these rumors have been denied by all parties involved.

Most recently, a scandal broke out just after Gwyneth announced the split on her website Goop, when a photo of the actress and former boyfriend Donovan Leitch was published. It showed the two kissing and cuddling during a baseball game at a time when they were both married to other people.

Another source with the couple has meanwhile confirmed that Martin has been hit very hard by the split, “He felt bad about it for the past three years. She takes herself too seriously and keeps feeding the machine. He hates the fame. All the rumors about the cheating got to him.”

Right now it's impossible to know the truth, but from all the evidence, it looks like Gwyneth did try to keep a firm grasp on the way the news of her split with Martin was going to happen. That is why she chose to post it on Goop, which actually crashed from all the traffic and didn't choose to release a press statement.

Both parties have been silent since the “conscious uncoupling” announcement, except for the fact that Paltrow's rep took to denying the rumor that the actress had been cheating on her husband for years prior to their public split. The reports according to which she'd been having an affair with Donovan Leitch were labeled as “ridiculous.”

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