Guy Ritchie Calls Madonna ‘It’

Sources speak of unsavory nickname

Much has been said about one of the most mediated divorces in the history of showbiz, that of Madonna and Guy Ritchie. Nevertheless, this is actually the first time that the public gets to hear how Ritchie would refer to the singer behind her back: sources say the British movie director would call Madonna “It” even back when they were still married.

Talk of Madonna’s perhaps too controlling ways around the house made the headlines before, and it was precisely her iron fist that got Ritchie to refer to her with the unsavory nickname, sources close to the movie director are telling the British media. “Even towards the end of their marriage, he would call her ‘It.’ He told people, ‘We can’t make It angry.’ Or Guy will say, ‘Oh, It is in a bad mood today’. There is absolutely no love lost between them.” an unnamed source reveals for The Sun.

When word of the “It” nickname got out in the press, Liz Rosenberg, Madonna’s longtime publicist, stated without any hesitation that “It hasn't been in a bad mood since the divorce was finalized,” thus confirming the accuracy of the reports. However, friend Gwyneth Paltrow points out that Madonna has had more than her fair share of hardships, so perhaps being a little too harsh at home should be seen from this perspective.

“[Madonna] has been through everything. And she’s a real survivor. Every problem that I’ve had, she’s had 10 problems worse that dwarf my own issues. She’s a very interested, caring woman. She’s pretty great. She’s Madonna and she comes with all this stuff, but she’s pretty incredible.” Paltrow, with whom the singer struck a close friendship while still living with Guy in London, shares.

Just recently, Madonna made the headlines again with her love life, after going public with her relationship with 22-year-old Brazilian model Jesus Luz, whom she took to a Kabbalah center. While Jesus’ mother is telling the national media that Madonna has abducted her son and is keeping him in an apartment under lock and key, the legendary singer continues to appear in public with her much younger boyfriend.

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