Guy Pearce Gets His Own “Iron Man 3” Poster

Marvel gives him his own character poster, but won’t reveal how big his role is

Marvel has just released a brand new poster for the upcoming “Iron Man 3” and, unlike previous promotional releases, this one doesn’t revolve around Robert Downey Jr. and his charismatic Tony Stark / Iron Man.

Check it out above in full.

Fans watching any of the film trailers closely must have glimpsed Pearce there. While neither the trailers nor Marvel is saying how important his role will be, it seems it’ll be big enough to get him his own poster.

And yes, he’s doing the fierce gaze thing and looks awesome while doing it. I just wish Marvel hadn’t overdone it with the Photoshop like that.

Pearce plays Aldrich Killian, who develops the Extremis nanotech serum in the comics but no word yet on what he’ll do in the film. All I’m hoping is that this isn’t a role like the one he played in “Prometheus,” where he barely got a couple of minutes of screen time – and then too covered in prosthetics.

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