Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis Offers First-Ever "Tweet Seats"

The show will include improvisation moments, which can be covered live by tweeters

The Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis is offering "Tweet Seats" during its showing of The Servant of Two Masters.

According to their website, a few balcony seats in the McGuire Proscenium, featured above, will hold those who want to live-tweet the event.

External Relations Director Trish Santini explains that the show will include a lot of improvisation by actors, moments that can only be captured when someone is chronicling them live.

"This cast is an incredible ensemble of comedians, and night after night they're riffing and improvising - it's the kind of show that makes you ask, 'Did they just say that?' Usually they did-and tweeting should be a great way to talk about it," she says.

Even as the theater will be getting free publicity over their stunt, viewers still have to pay $15 (€11) for a Tweet Seat. It seems like a good idea, and it will at least help the other viewers escape the frantic tweeters.

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