Gunman Went to College at 16, Attended Sandy Hook Elementary as a Child

Adam Lanza was partially home-schooled during high-school

The controversial gunman of Newtown, Connecticut, Adam Lanza, picked up his mother's guns at 20 years old, and shot 20 children and 6 adults in Sandy Hook elementary.

Described in the past as a “genius,” Lanza went to college at the tender age of 16, and he was enrolled at Western Connecticut State University, Los Angeles Times writes.

He studied philosophy, macroeconomics and history, and finished his first year with a GPA of 3.26. As a child, he attended Sandy Hook.

He was dubbed “quiet” by his classmates, as well as his teachers. Some believe he suffered from Asperger’s syndrome, a functional form of Autism in which the patient is socially distant, but shows an impressive intellect.

“He didn’t participate in class, but I don’t think it was because he was unintelligent — I think he felt very uncomfortable talking in public. [...] When he was called on, he would get really nervous to speak. His face would get bright red,” former Newtown high-school classmate Olivia DeVivo details.

He is not in any of the shots from the Newtown High graduation ceremony. According to a relative, his mother Nancy decided to home-school him after she disagreed with high-school administrators on several issues.

“He must have been a quiet kid, coming in, going out. [...] You get so many students, they come and go. Some speak with you, some are outstanding, some you remember for a long time. Some you barely remember when the semester’s over,” his German teacher at Western Connecticut State says, explaining that she had no recollection of him.

“He never talked to me. He came in, sat down and left. [...] He was just there,” she adds. Lanza ended up dropping out of that class, because he was failing it.

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