Gun Control: Mom Shoots Intruder in Georgia, NRA Tweets the Story

A resident of Georgia shot a burglar 5 times in the back and face

This weekend, the story of a mother who acted to protect her children during a home invasion made headlines and serious waves online.

As reported, the resident of Georgia hid in a crawlspace, taking her children and a handgun with her, after she noticed a man break into their home. Even so, the burglar found them and she shot him 5 times, in the neck and face.

There is no report of him carrying a gun, but police concluded she acted in self-defense, to protect her family. I cannot tell you whether her actions were justifiable or not, but I can say for sure the NRA thought they were.

As you can see in the screenshot above, they tweeted the story on January 4. In the midst of the gun control debate, this could be used as an example of when guns are needed.

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