Guillermo del Toro in Talks with Big Company About Insane

The filmmaker is still working on his video game project

Guillermo del Toro, the filmmaker famous for great movies like Hellboy or Pan's Labyrinth, has confirmed that his Insane video game project has attracted the attention of very big companies in the industry.

Del Toro has already established himself as a great creator of stories, whether they're for movies or books, and he was set to branch out into video games through the Insane project, which he was making in collaboration with THQ's Volition studio.

Sadly, due to THQ's financial problems, the publisher sold the project back to del Toro, who had to find another studio to create it with.

After reports that the game is back in development, del Toro himself has told the Toronto Sun that a very big company is in talks with him about the project.

"We are in talks with a very, very big company. I can’t say who, but it’s one of the big ones. They really responded to the game, they responded to what we were trying," he said.

According to del Toro, some things need to be changed about the game, as they've already been portrayed in other titles and he wants everything to be unique about this passion project.

"Some of the devices of the game I need to update, because now I’ve seen them in other games that just came out. That always happens. But the principle we’re trying to do with the game is to make it a really immersive narrative experience. It’s still a really challenging proposal," he said.

Del Toro didn't say just what studio he was working on or what publisher was interested in the game, but you can expect him to share more details once things are nailed down and contracts are signed.

Even so, don't expect Insane to appear anytime soon, as quite a lot more work is needed.

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