Guillermo del Toro Still Talking with Developers About Insane

The filmmaker still has faith in his video game franchise

Acclaimed movie director Guillermo del Toro has revealed that he's currently searching for developers that want to pick up the Insane franchise, which was recently sold back to del Toro by THQ.

Insane was supposed to be the first of three horror games coming from the mind of Guillermo del Toro and was being worked on by THQ's Volition studio, the same developer behind the Saints Row or Red Faction franchises.

While things seemed to be going well and THQ even pledged that Insane wasn't going to be affected by the company's financial problems unlike Devil's Third or Warhammer Online: Dark Millenium, the publisher recently announced that it was selling the rights to Insane back to del Toro.

Now, the filmmaker has confirmed, via Kotaku, that he is talking with several developers about the project and confirmed that he's still quite confident in it.

"The game was cut months ago, and now we are talking to developers," he said. "When something doesn't happen in one way, I just continue to pursue it in another way. I'm not giving up on Insane, it's truly beautiful."

One of del Toro's favorite developers is Valve and he even revealed that he contacted the studio so that the voice of Portal's GLaDOS, Ellen McClain, could bring to life one of the robots from his upcoming Pacific Rim movie.

As of yet, however, it's unclear just what developers are interested in picking up Insane and actually making a game or a trilogy of titles based on del Toro's ideas.

According to THQ's announcement, Insane was supposed to offer an intense horror experience, a genre that hasn't been that successful in recent years, forcing franchises like Resident Evil or Dead Space to move into the action segment.

Expect to hear more about the fate of Insane in the following months.

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