Guild Wars 2 Introduces Living Story for Long-Term World Change

The developers want to keep players engaged and entertained

Video game developer ArenaNet is expanding the Living Story content for its MMO Guild Wars 2, giving players a chance to play through a number of short-term events which will affect the state of the game world in the long term.

Angel McCoy, a narrative designer working on Guild Wars 2, writes on an official blog post that, “The job of the Living Story team is to bring the world to life. On an ongoing basis, we’ll spin out story threads that will introduce you to new heroic characters, mysterious plot twists, and dramatic moments that affect the world.”

All of the Living Story events will be dynamic in nature and they are designed to “change up what’s happening in the world and to add to the evolving story and challenge of the game.”

The new quests will be only offered to the community for a limited amount of time but players will not be forced to play through them in order to progress in Guild Wars 2.

McCoy believes that the quality delivered will be high enough for gamers to actually want to keep up with Living Story because they are interested in the characters and the situations they face.

The ArenaNet team says that it will not tell players how many events will be part of a certain story arc in order to keep them engaged and guessing how the narrative will evolve.

The developers have already teased the first Living Story arc, called Flame and Frost.

Gamers can take part by helping volunteers from certain game regions.

Guild Wars 2 was launched in late 2012 and quickly became one of the most important MMOs of the year.

The game does not ask players to pay a monthly subscription and, instead, relies on in-game transactions and on retail expansions for revenue.

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