Guild Wars 2 Developers Thank Player Community for Lost Coast Patience

Upcoming events will be better tested before they go live

Chris Whiteside, the leader of the production team working on Guild Wars 2, has thanked the players who engaged with the recently launched The Lost Shores event and promises that the team has learned from the experience and will deliver even better mini-expansions in the near future.

The developer says, “We’re very excited about the new content, and from the reactions we have seen, so are many of you. Players have already spent an incredible amount of time in the new Fractals dungeon, and their reaction to it has been phenomenal.”

He adds, “A lot of players really enjoyed the trailblazing aspect of unveiling the new Southsun Cove map, specifically the feeling of discovery and being part of the land grab. Having said that, we’re also aware that there were certain aspects of the event that could have worked better than they did.”

The Lost Coast had a number of quite significant bugs on launch and the team acknowledges its failings while promising that upcoming events will be better managed.

It’s not clear whether this means that the size of the events will be smaller or whether it will test them more thoroughly before launched.

The Lost Coast took place over three days and allowed gamers to join large groups in order to battle a new type of enemy in new locations, with a new quest designed to weaken them before a final assault.

ArenaNet wants to continue to create and launch new areas for players, especially those who have reached the level cap, to explore.

There are also plans for more variety when it comes to monsters and to dungeon design.

Guild Wars 2 will also get new Player versus Player content and mechanics, which might make it interesting for eSports fans.

The game was launched earlier during 2012 and ArenaNet says that it has exceeded all pre-launch sales expectations.

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