Guess the Name of OS X 10.9

Share your own thoughts regarding the possible dubbing of Apple’s next Mac OS

Brace yourselves, the Longcat jokes are coming in. After parodying the taller iPhone 5, the Apple blogosphere is on Apple’s case again, this time targeting OS X 10.9.

Alongside a handful of websites in the Apple ecosystem, yesterday evening Softpedia was able to confirm the emergence of webserver log entries with “OS X 10.9” User-Agent fields, indicating that Apple is actively working on the next major Mac OS iteration.

The activity coming from Apple’s servers doesn’t show considerable uptick in the past few weeks, but the logs do provide some good indication that development is coming along.

A spark from Czech site Letem světem Applem was all it took for the news to spread like wildfire, getting to the point where all that’s left to speculate on is the actual name of the operating system.

OS X Daily brings out the big guns using the Longcat meme (pictured above). Commenters then took over with suggestions like OS X 10.9 Puss in Boots, iOSX 1.0, and OS X 10.9 Sea Lion.

Some even believe Apple will forgo the cat dubbing, but there hasn’t been any indication that this is the case. Not this year, anyway.

And while some prefer simpler designations, such as OS X followed by a version number, others say they’d enjoy seeing even deeper references to nature.

Share your own suggestions in the comments. You can even dare look farther into the future. OS XI anyone?

Regardless of what Apple will call its next Mac OS release, there’s a good chance it will be pretty different compared to its predecessor (the currently-selling OS  X Mountain Lion).

Why? Two reasons. 1 – Jony Ive is now in charge of the look and feel. And 2 – Apple needs to show it can continue to innovate, despite encountering some hurdles this year, including a quarter that missed analysts’ expectations.

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