Growing Older Doesn't Mean Looking Less Good, Says Liz Hurley

At 46, Liz can still model swimsuits and she's very proud of her body

Growing older doesn't mean looking less good. This would be, in a few words, Liz Hurley's philosophy of life. It's also what enables the 46-year-old model and actress able to still rock a swimsuit, which she does in the latest issue of Zest magazine.

She's always had quite a reputation for being a stunner, the perfect woman: an insanely fit and well proportioned body, and a face that could make any woman fall in love with her.

Age has taken nothing of Liz's natural charms and, if she has a saying, she's determined to do whatever is in her power to remain as attractive as possible for much longer.

“I love women looking fabulous and I don’t think growing older means looking less good. For me, it’s less about trying to looking younger and more about making sure you look your absolute best,” she says in an interview for the latest print issue of the aforementioned publication, as cited by the Daily Mail.

“Without doubt, once I hit 40 I had to make more effort and it wasn’t until then I realized how much easier it was when I was younger,” she adds.

Liz credits a good night's sleep with her amazing looks. She also says her wild youth days when she'd live as if there was no tomorrow are long gone: today, to look impeccable, she must take utmost care of herself.

“Back then, I could look pretty good on three hours sleep. Now, I look like a lunatic if I don’t get at least double that. In my 20s I used to be able to exist on coffee, cigarettes and crisps, but again, a couple of days of that now and I’d look and feel really scary!” she explains.

Of course, Liz also keeps to a strict workout routine and diet. None of them comes easy to her, with the gorgeous star admitting that she sometimes finds it very hard to stick to her diet.

“I put myself under pressure to remain slim because I still model my own bikinis but it is much more difficult to feel motivated in the gloomy winter,” Hurley explains.

“I wrap myself up and try to walk every day with my dogs and sometimes force myself to run a bit - but I hate it. I love Pilates and yoga but, again, am more likely to do them in the spring and summer,” she adds.

Indeed, she still models for swimsuits. In fact, the Zest interview also comes with a spread of Liz donning her own designs.

If you ever thought a 46-year-old couldn't look stunning in a two piece, you're about to be proven wrong: here are some pics.

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