Group Has Been Toilet Papering Houses for a Period of 32 Years

A filmmaker describes the adventures of a secret high-school society

A group of friends dub themselves a “secret society” of toilet papering, pranking people for 32 years.

Former member Whit Scott chronicles their adventures in a documentary titled Rolled. The filmmaker founded his flick on Kickstarter, where 491 people helped his dream come true.

The organization was started in 1979 when its founders were in high school. It became a tradition, with members replaced as they graduated.

“In the late 90s, I joined this group as the historian. I recently convinced my three compatriots to recount their experiences. They said yes, we collected some great stories, and we were also able to meet the group’s founding member,” he is quoted by the Inquisitr as saying.

The trailer for their movie is posted above, but the entire thing can be downloaded on their website, by leaving a donation.

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