Grooveshark Debuts Brand New Site, Discovery Takes Center Stage

Grooveshark wants to be the place where you discover new music and artists

Grooveshark has just unveiled a major redesign. The new site puts a big emphasis on discovery, or at least that's the goal, something that all online music services are lacking in.

Grooveshark is also expanding its social features which could be a good thing, but too many times these additions end up hurting a service rather than helping it.

It all starts at the homepage, instead of a big search box you'll find recommendations based on your previous listens, if you're logged in, or based on what's popular on the site, if you're not.

Be warned though, if you're logged in, the recommendations are based mostly on what you listened to since you started using the redesigned page.

It may be a while before you get a more diverse set of artists. The more you listen, the better it should get, obviously.

"The new Grooveshark homepage is the perfect launching spot for your evolving taste in music," Grooveshark wrote.

"Discover amazing new tunes built from your music preferences or enjoy a personalized station that transforms with your unique listening habits," it added.

Grooveshark has long had the ability to follow people you know, share playlists, see their recent actions and so on. It's now expanding on that with an even bigger emphasis on interactions.

You can see what others are listening to in real-time, or listen to the songs they like the most. You can also post updates on the site.

It's obvious that Grooveshark is hurting from the lack of a deeper Facebook integration, like Spotify, Deezer and everyone else is enjoying.

"Transform your listening session into a social music experience in the latest Grooveshark. Enjoy personalized stations based on your friends favorite music and peek at what they are listening to in real-time. Post updates to your Followers and Share all your favorite songs and Playlists to the most popular social media sites on the web," Grooveshark explained.


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