Grim Reapers Protest Stein Mart's Fur Sales

These gloomy figures have gathered around the company's headquarters in Jacksonville

Hurricane Sandy aside, protesting against the use of fur by the fashion industry is an issue which must be given due consideration, which is why several PETA members have decided to dress up as Grim Reapers and voice their complaints against Stein Mart.

Thus, it was only yesterday when these greenheads made it public news that they intended to gather around this department store's headquarters in Jacksonville, Florida and hand out leaflets explaining how countless animals were tortured on a regular basis just for the sake of fashion.

“When it comes to terror and death, the Grim Reaper could take lessons from Stein Mart,” the Associate Director for this organization offered as an explanation for their choice of costumes.

Furthermore, “To satisfy the whims of fashion, Stein Mart is sentencing countless rabbits – who are amongst the gentlest animals on Earth – to a horrific life and a violent death,” she went on to argue.

For the time being, no pictures taken during this protest are available online, but PETA members have dressed up as Grim Reapers before and there are plenty of images showing what their costumes look like.

The one chosen as head for this blog shows PETA members protesting one of Janet Jackson's choices of outfits.

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