Greenpeace Sabotages Amazon Web Services Conference in Las Vegas

The environmentalists want the company to green up its working agenda

The environmentalists working with Greenpeace now have their minds set on forcing Amazon Web Services to embrace a more green-oriented working agenda, and decided that the best way to so this would be to crash the re:Invent conference in Las Vegas.

Thus, they created a hoax website and tried to trick conference goers into accessing it.

For those unaware, Amazon Web Services in responsible for storing and delivering the data that stands at the core of sites such as Netflix, Pinterest, Spotify and Smugmug.

This basically means that it is also in charge of running quite a lot of servers.

Since Amazon Web Services refuses to willingly disclose any information concerning just how many servers they use to keep “the Internet humming,” Greenpeace decided that the time had come to force their hand into doing so.

Needless to say, these environmentalists first and foremost wish to know which of these servers have their electricity demands met by dirty energy sources such as coal, and which can be considered to be green-oriented.

Interestingly enough, an analysis carried out by specialists working with Greenpeace has indicated that only about 14% of the energy burnt by Amazon Web Services comes from renewable energy sources, whereas the bulk is provided by coal, nuclear power and the like.

“Since AWS has failed to seize this opportunity, Greenpeace launched a hoax “Green AWS” website last week at re:Invent, Amazon’s biggest conference for its customers, in Las Vegas,” reads the official website for Greenpeace.

Furthermore, “Throughout the conference Greenpeace set up a wireless network to divert conference attendees’ attention to, a web site that declared that AWS would be rolling out cloud options powered by renewable energy, and that customers could sign up there to host their data in a special pilot edition of the program. If only.”

Those wishing to check out Greenpeace's hoax website can do so here.

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