Greenpeace Ad Pokes Fun at Claims to Promote Sustainable Development

The organization wishes to show that some people rarely stick to their green promises

We just talked about how, according to a recent Greenpeace report, plans to grow a new oil palm plantation in Africa are bound to translate into considerable damage being done to the environment.

To make matters even worse, the organization claims that one company is trying to pass off these deforestation campaigns as being part and parcel of sustainable development targets.

As we have already explained, the tone used by Greenpeace when speaking about the Herakles Farms company is a highly ironic one, which is why we also saw it fit to show you this ad designed especially to support their most recent campaign against deforestations in Africa.

We dare say no comments on this ad are necessary, given the fact that both the picture and the words inscribed do a great job in bringing home Greenpeace's message so that everybody can draw their own conclusions.

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