Green Tip: Use Coffee, Bread and Mushrooms to Make Meat

Once mixed, these three flavors taste almost identically to chicken

Eating meat is something most animal rights activists frown upon, and several doctors agree that one's decision to go easy on roast chicken and other similar delicacies can only improve health.

Still, it is not every day that a person hears that meat can be successfully substituted by a “cocktail” of coffee, bread and mushrooms.

Do the Green Thing says that, according to a food industry research company named Foodpairing, the taste of meat is basically the result of a certain combination of flavor molecules.

Interestingly enough, the flavor molecules that make meat so appealing are also found in coffee, bread, potatoes, mushrooms and several other cruelty-free products.

Therefore, it is well within human society's reach to give up on meat without necessarily having to give up on its very specific taste.

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