Green Tip: Turn Your Dog Into a Christmas Tree

All one needs is an obedient puppy and some lights

It was only a few days ago when I wrote about how, according to a biologist, it is a much better idea to opt for a natural Christmas tree, rather than purchase a fake one.

Still, just think about how cool it would be to neither chop down one of Mother Nature's most esteemed treasures, nor buy a plastic replica of a tree, and still have the best winter holidays ever.

The idea is quite simple: if you happen to be the proud owner of an obedient pooch, simply buy some lights and use them to turn your dog into a living Christmas tree, as seen in the pictures above.

However, make sure the dog feels comfortable wearing the installation, and that you never cross the border between having some fun and abusing your pet.

Also, the dog must not remain in its Christmas-tree for longer than it takes to snap some pictures.

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