Green Tip: Treadmill Desks Allow You to Exercise While You Work

Some companies have already embraced the idea, many more might follow

The fact that most modern jobs pretty much glue people to their desks and offices is no surprise.

Needless to say, this leaves very little time available for exercise, something that ultimately translates into poor health.

However, certain companies recently decided that it might not be such a bad idea to toy with the possibility of allowing employees to do their job while exercising, sources say.

To cut a long story short: here comes the treadmill desk, an innovative piece of office furniture which, as its name suggests, is basically the “love child” of one's old-fashioned desk and one's run-off-the-mill treadmill.

Most of the people who took it out for a spin argue that, once you get used to the idea of working while walking, it really isn't such a bad thing.

Moreover, some went as far as to say that the whole experience is rather enjoyable.

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