Green Tip: This Christmas, Adopt a Puffin

Octopi, blue whales and clownfish are also looking for foster parents

A few days ago, green-oriented organization Oceana launched their seventh “Adopt a Marine Creature” initiative, which takes place yearly during the winter holidays.

The idea is fairly simple: check out the organization's website, see which marine animals are up for adoption, make a donation ($30 - $150 / €23.2 - €116.01) and become the proud foster parent of an octopus, a blue whale, a puffin or a clownfish.

Oceana explains that those who agree to adopt a marine creature as part of their desire to spread the Christmas joy will receive an adoption certificate, an animal plush and/or a cookie cutter.

The money raised in this manner will be used to sponsor conservation projects whose goal is that of safeguarding aquatic ecosystems.

“Adopting an ocean animal at makes a fantastic gift for a loved one. It is a great way to both protect the world’s oceans and give a gift that means something,” argued Oceana's Vice President Matt Littlejohn.

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