Green Tip: The FitDesk Allows You to Work Out While Working

This innovative bike has a desk platform fitted between its handlebars

It has not been very long since we introduced you to a hula hoop which doubled as a washing machine.

The time has now come to bring forth one other innovative way of combining work and workouts: the FitDesk, which is basically a bike for indoor use which allows its owners to properly attend to their business while pedaling.

The idea is quite simple and yet brilliant: you take one bike, fit a desk platform between its handlers, use the platform to support the laptop, and type your way into a healthy lifestyle.

According to She Knows, this innovative bike can be assembled quite easily, meaning that it only takes about 15 minutes to made head and tail of the components and the instructions.

As well as this, it is relatively comfortable, and once one becomes accustomed to it, one can easily focus on work.

Interestingly enough, the bike is equipped with two side pockets, which really come in handy if one also has to use a cell phone while working.

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