Green Tip: Charge Your iPad Using a Rocking Chair

The iRock turns kinetic energy into electricity, charges gadgets

The fact that kinetic energy can be turned into electricity and made to power various gadgets and gizmos is no news.

Still, the idea of using a rocking chair to charge your iPad may sound a tad peculiar.

Micassa Lab is now busy selling so-called iRocks, which are basically a high-tech version of the rocking chairs grandmothers and elderly aunts used to own.

Apparently, these iRocks collect the kinetic energy produced while somebody is relaxing and rocking, convert it into electricity and feed it into either your iPad's or your iPhone's battery.

The people behind this project explain that the iRock can particularly come in handy during power shortages, as it basically cuts one's dependence on the national grid.

One such iRock costs $1,300 (roughly €1,000), and those wishing to buy one can choose from a rather wide variety of colors: white, bright pink, green or black.

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