Green Tip: Bring Your Own Bike Lane When Going Cycling

Batter-powered laser light makes it safer for you to ride your bike

It may very well be that cycling is beneficial both to one's health, and to the environment, but that does not change the fact that it can sometimes be quite tricky and risky, especially during night time.

The Xfire Bike Lane Safety Light takes care of this issue easily: it uses laser light to provide its happy and eco-friendly owners with their very own bike lane.

All one has to do it attach it to one's bike and voila!, here comes the biker.

The people who are now marketing it claim that the laser-based bike lane lets drivers and bikers know exactly where one's side of the road ends and where the other's begins.

Needless to say, this means that cycling enthusiasts can go ahead and pedal as fast and as hectic as they see fit, as no car will dare interfere with their leg space.

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