Green Tip: Bicycle Taxidermy Lets You Hold On to Your Bike Forever

Company helps you honor and commemorate your old bike

Designer Regan Appleton, who used to attend the Royal College of Art in London, UK, is now helping bike enthusiasts hold on to their favorite two-wheelers long after they pass their expiration date.

His idea (i.e. bicycle taxidermy) is fairly simple: the bikes handlebars are taken off it and fitted onto a piece of wood.

A stainless steel epitaph will let people know all about the bike's model, its name and the years during which it was ridden.

As well as this, people can ask that a personalized message be engraved next to these specifications.

“An eccentric side project born out of too many sleepless nights at the Royal College of Art and a homesickness for the rugged Highlands. Bicycle Taxidermy first began on a couple of memento mori for my father’s once prized but long discarded mountain and road bikes,” Regan Appleton writes on the official website for this business idea.

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