Green House Presents a 21.5-Inch Full HD Monitor

With all the new video cards and CPUs with built-in graphics coming out, or set to come out, makers of displays naturally figured it was time to extend their portfolios as well, so Green House decided to launch a monitor of its own.

Basically, in order to make the best, more or less, of even the latest graphics cards, a display needs to have both a high image quality, Full HD support recommended, as well as a fast response time.

Green house did its best to provide both of these features, plus several more in the way of sound support and multiple video ports.

It is called GH-JEJ223SHW and is a monitor with a screen diagonal measuring 21.5 inches and whose panel has a native resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels.

With the Full HD side of things covered, Green house figured it would also make sure the responsiveness of the screen was just as convenient.

This led to a G2G (gray to gray) response time of 2ms, which contrasts with the 5ms that a large variety of other monitors settle for.

Additionally, the brightness of the screen is 300 cd/m2, while the dynamic contrast ratio is of 100,000:1.

In order to make sure that customers will not necessarily have to spend extra financial resources on sound output solutions, the outfit implemented a pair of 1 W speakers.

As for connectivity and I/O options, there is a DVI port, as well as an HDMI connector and a mini D-Sub, so that it may receive input from a wide variety of video cards.

All in all, this seems to be the white version of a monitor that was introduced last year, only that one was black.

As the web has it, availability has already been underway and shipments are being carried out, in exchange for the sum of $237.

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