Green House Announces a New 2.5-Inch SSD

The storage drive is more focused on affordability than performance

One might say that Green House's newest solid-state drive is a bit awkward to watch so soon after seeing one that is better in almost every sense of the word, but there is a good reason for it.

Simply put, Green House was not aiming for any sort of super-fast transfer speeds, only what it needed to get one over the HDD market.

That is to say, while Super Talent definitely designed its latest mSATA SSD to be as fast as possible, Green House settled for something affordable but good enough to be considered over magnetic drives.

This is why the GH-SSD22A line of consumer SSDs doesn't even bother integrating the SATA III interface (SATA 6.0 Gbps).

Instead, SATA 2 is used (SATA 3.0 Gbps), which limits, so to speak, the transfer speed of the drives to 200 MB/s when reading and 140 MB/s when writing.

The performance will vary depending on capacity, as with all NAND Flash storage devices, but those are the upper limits.

Speaking of capacities, there are four choices that Green House has placed in front of prospective buyers.

There is a 32 GB model (GH-SSD22A32), a 64 GB drive (GH-SSD22A64), a 128 GB SSD (GH-SSD22A128), and a 256 GB unit (GH-SSD22A256).

All of them utilize the Phison PS3107-S7 controller processor and MLC NAND Flash memory (multi-level cell).

Other specs include 48-bit/1KB ECC (error correcting code), TRIM, NCQ and SMART (self-monitoring and reporting technology).

Green House reportedly means to sell the GH-SSD22A SSDs for $0.75 per gigabyte. That would mean $24 for the 32 GB drive, $48 for the 64 GB, $96 for the 128 GB and $192 for 256 GB. In Europe, assuming the items even get there, the prices are bound to be just as high, only in Euro, regardless of what exchange rates might say.

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