Green Farm Module from U-ing Can Grow Foodstuffs Indoors

People who like their vegetables fresh may want to take a look

While they might not be many, there are some people who wouldn't mind growing their own greenery if it means they will always have fresh veggies on hand.

Japanese company U-ing may have the perfect product for them: the Green Farm module.

A small hydroponic unit, it can be used to cultivate plants indoors, thanks to the enclosed system that fully simulates typical outdoor environmental conditions.

The LED light acts as the sun and can be set to a predetermined time period, mimicking the change from night to day.

Water levels can be automatically regulated as well, and air is simulated in a similar manner through an air pump.

Basically, people can just plant saplings or bury some seeds in the dirt and leave everything to the Green Farm, provided they perform the regular manual inspection. Cabbages and lettuces will never be in small supply again.

Sources: ITMedia (JP), Green Farm (JP)

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