20-Month-Old Green Anaconda Dies

The snake was looked after by the staff at Mysore Zoo, India

This past Sunday, a green anaconda looked after by the staff working with the Mysore Zoo, India passed away, despite its being only 20 months old.

The snake's caretakers speculate that its death came as a result of a nervous disorder, but they wish to emphasize the fact that, until an autopsy is performed, the exact reason is to remain unknown.

Times of India quotes the zoo's Executive Director, B. P. Ravi, who made a case of how, “We expected this since it had some issues since its arrival."

Furthermore, “The reptile was weak and refused food and was being regularly handfed. The vets have also reported that it had some nervous-related problem after noticing that it was not moving properly in the water in its enclosure, unlike the other three anacondas”

For the time being, the only good news is that the other snakes living at this facility find themselves in good health.

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