Greek Yogurt Is Polluting the Environment

By-product of Greek yogurt production lowers water oxygen levels, kills fish

Nuclear power and fossil fuels might be the poster kids for sources of environmental pollution, but Greek yogurt is not without blame either.

A recent report highlights the environmental costs of producing this type of yogurt, and shows how this particular industry harms natural ecosystems.

Every time one ounce of Greek yogurt is produced, three ounces of a by-product known as acid whey also come out of factory doors.

Daily Mail informs us that getting rid of this by-product by pouring it onto the ground is currently illegal.

This is also the case with pouring it into waterways, given the fact that this compound causes water oxygen levels to drop and can lead to the death of thousands of fish.

Not many people know this, but it appears that scientists are still trying to come up with a proper way to get rid of this by-product of the Greek yogurt industry.

Since pounds of acid whey keep piling up as the months go by, one can only hope that a solution to this problem will soon be found.

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