Graphic Photos of Battered Rihanna After Chris Brown Attack Are Out

Two years ago, Chris Brown was dating Rihanna and, on the night before the Grammys, the two got into an argument and he beat her to a pulp, according to police documents. Two more photos are now out and MediaTakeOut has them.

At the time word of the assault got out in the media, fans of the two singers had little to go by than tabloid reports.

With each day, though, more damning evidence came to light, including a photo that leaked from the LAPD, showing the extend of the injuries Rihanna sustained in the attack.

Since that was taken outside on the street and it was dark, it wasn’t exactly top-quality but, as it turns out, there are more shots, this time taken at the hospital, where Rihanna received medical attention in the hours following the attack.

Word that these existed and that they had leaked got out in October last year, as we also informed you at the time. MTO seems to have bought them and has already posted them online.

“MediaTakeOut received the following images from a tipster. The images show pop superstar Rihanna shortly after she was brutally punched over and over in the face by her then boyfriend, R&B singer Chris Brown,” the e-zine writes.

One must note that it doesn’t say these are the same images that Radar and other media outlets were shown and refused to buy back in October.

“MediaTakeOut is hearing reports of some kind of a Chris Brown-Rihanna reconciliation. In light of that, we’ve decided to release the images,” MTO writes by means of a justification for the release of the pics now.

“These images are far more gruesome than the one previously released. The photos show the most accurate depiction of what happened that fateful night. We’ve heard apologies... and excuses... but the photos tell the story!!!” it also says.

Indeed, the pictures are not a pretty sight: Rihanna is shown with horn-shaped protrusions on her forehead from where Chris banged her head against the dashboard, black and swollen eyes as he punched her, and cuts on the inside of her lips – one of them going almost to the bone.

The photos are here but *please be advised that they are very graphic and may offend.

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