Graphene Camera Sensors, 1000x More Light Sensitive

The amount of energy needed for them to run is a tenth of the standard

Another day, another graphene breakthrough. The legendary material has been found quite useful for the photo and video camera market.

Long story short, the supermaterial has been used to make a camera sensor.

And not just any sensor, but one with two major advantages over standard ones.

The first one, and shockingly enough the smallest of the two, is that the power needed to run it is a tenth of what's normal.

The second advantage, and the bigger one, is that the light sensitivity of graphene image sensors is 1,000 times better.

It can even trap and hold light-generated electron particles for longer periods, resulting in clearer pictures even in the dark.

I can only imagine how vivid photos of the clear, night sky will be possible to capture with even the smallest compact camera.

Source: Science Daily

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