Granite Mountain Hotshots Dying in Prescott, AZ Fire Mourned by Obama, McCain

19 firefighters died putting out a wildfire in Arizona

Arizona Senator John McCain has come together with President Obama to mourn the loss of 19 firefighters in a wildfire on Sunday.

As I informed you, the fire killed them near the town of Yarnell, which has incurred major damage in the blaze.

"They were heroes, [...] highly-skilled professionals who, like so many across our country do every day, selflessly put themselves in harm's way to protect the lives and property of fellow citizens they would never meet," the president has expressed in a statement.

The operators who lost their lives battling the blaze were part of the Prescott Granite Mountain Hot Shots. A single member of their team managed to survive.

According to USA Today, Senator McCain joined in the sentiment, noting that they sacrificed their lives for the operation.

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