Grandma Is Postcard Maxine's Look-Alike

The twin poses for the camera, in clothing reminiscent of the Maxine character

By on December 14th, 2012 18:11 GMT

One grandma is increasingly popular on Reddit today, December 14, because of a funny picture in which she appears.

It seems as though we have uncovered another one of postcard Maxine's doppelgangers, and this time you cannot help but notice the similarities between the two.

Grandma poses for the camera, wearing a large hat, sunglasses, a yellow sweater and blue pants. All she is missing is a cartoony dog, but perhaps we can wait a series of pics of her.

Maxine's twin holds a card in her hand, with the message “80 is when you start asking yourself life's big questions.”

Redditor MissAshley214 uploaded this photo just a few hours ago, and it has already been upvoted 30,000 times.

"My husband's grandma. The resemblance is uncanny,” its description reads.

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