Grandma Receives Ricky Rubio Blanket for Christmas

Rubio retweeted a pic of grandma holding items branded with his image, including a blanket

22-year-old basketball player Ricky Rubio, playing for the Minnesota Timberwolves, has retweeted an adoring fan's photo this Christmas.

It appears Dean Pierce, using the twitter handle @ondeckdean, originally posted the photo of this blanket with the professional Spanish player's face on it.

Pierce, who describes himself as an NBA fanatic from Minnesota, probably comes from a family of sports lovers.

He commissioned the creative and practical piece of artwork as a gift, most likely for his grandma, featured above.

Grandma is featured in the photograph with other Ricky Rubio memorabilia, including the autographed picture that served as a model for the blanket.

Pierce tweeted Rubio with the message “Mom had a very Ricky Christmas! Grandma loves you! Feliz Navidad!,” a posting that was spread by the player himself.

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