Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Rage Mod Gets Stunning Video

A new mod for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City adds GTA IV graphics

The Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Rage mod for Grand Theft Auto IV has received a brand new video depicting just how beautiful the older title looks when recreated with the new engine used by the latest game from the series.

Grand Theft Auto IV is an extremely attractive title, largely because of its RAGE (Rockstar Advanced Game Engine) technology, so a team of enterprising modders have decided to use the new engine to recreate the classic Grand Theft Auto: Vice City title from earlier in the franchise.

As such, they've started building the world of Vice City, a depiction of 1980s Miami heavily influenced by cop shows like Miami Vice and other elements from that era, but with the great looking visuals of the RAGE technology.

"This is a modification, that will bring you back to Vice City of 80's, but on this time it will be on GTA IV (RAGE) engine," the mod team revealed on its official webpage. "We're planning to make a complete conversion of Vice City (including transport, atmosphere, weapons, storyline and etc.). We hope you'll enjoy it, when it will be released."

But while a lot of enterprising mods have started off with great expectations, Vice City Rage now has a stunning video to back up its claims, showcasing the main character in the original title, Tommy Vercetti, and the world of Vice City with the help of the new RAGE technology.

What's more, the footage also presents some of the classic cars from Vice City, all handling in the distinct style of GTA IV, which is a bit wobbly and erratic. Besides the cars, improved lighting effects or day and night cycles have also been included in the mod.

According to the mod team, a playable beta version of it is going to be released for the PC this Christmas. Until then, you can check out the video of it below and start modding your own copy of GTA, be it Vice City, San Andreas or IV, with the extensive mods we have available for download at Softpedia.

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